UCAT Preparation Courses: How To Find The Right One

Welcome to the Med Prep School guide to UCAT preparation courses!

In this video our medical admissions expert Tom breaks down how to find the right UCAT preparation course for your child – whether that be an intensive tutoring program, or just a few practice questions and resources.

What does video guide cover?

  1. The factors that determine what type of UCAT preparation course your child will need (including the 2 different types of UCAT students).
  2. The 5 pillars of any good UCAT tutoring or preparation course.
  3. Why selecting the right type of UCAT course for your child is so crucial.

Click the video below to start watching this video guide.

What can you do after watching this video?

If you would like to learn more about how the Med Prep School program works, you can discover more at the following link (and book in for an enrolment call with us if you’d like your child to join our Medicine Entry programs): https://medprepschool.com.au/programs/

Alternatively, we are running webinar sessions this week on “How To Help Your Child Excel In Medicine Entry” for parents with children in Years 9-12 that are looking for more information on the Medicine Entry process. Register by clicking the following link: https://support.medprepschool.com.au/freeinfosession


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