Med Prep School Reviews

Looking for Med Prep School reviews?

Here’s reviews from past students on our tutoring team at Med Prep School.


“I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me (my tutor). I felt that you provided the best plan for how to get an amazing UCAT score. The only thing I needed to do was follow their advice and do the best I can” 


“I feel like you brought my UCAT score up from 2600 (60th percentile) to 2900 (90th percentile), thank you so much!” 

– Mahul.

“Again, I literally can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much for being super supportive with my UCAT prep. I wish you the best” 

– Jacqui.

“Awesome! Everything was clear/easy to understand, and the tips were all practical and could be put into use immediately. Presentation was super clear and the UCAT workshop as a whole was super interesting and engaging” 


“The ATAR workshop helped me see my HSC preparation differently (I am student from NSW). The workshop really helped me consolidate information that has been useful for my time management skills and organisation for the year ahead. Thank you for providing us an amazing workshop!” 


“Thank you so much for all that you have taught me, Medicine wouldn’t have been possible without you” 

– Praveen.

“Thank you for helping me at every turn. 2960 on the UCAT (92nd percentile) wouldn’t be possible without your help at all. And I’ve become a better version of myself through my study for the UCAT. That’s the real benefit of the exam and you played a huge benefit in that” 


“You guys were amazing! I took the most from the UCAT exam prep. Especially PRIMING. I still do it everyday and will try to keep it going. Loved the Anki Bank, it helped me a lot” 


“The ATAR workshop was very helpful and it helped my daughter increase her productivity. Now she is able to study for longer periods of times as a result of the tips and tricks you provided her. She is also more organised for assignments and now keeps a calendar by her desk so she can plan out her day, and has relocated her desk to an area with more natural light. She says that she no longer feels tired as a result.”



Tutor Results & Track Record

Med Prep School hand-selects the best teachers and tutors from across Australia to help students excel in the Medicine Entry process (including key assessments like the UCAT, ATAR and Medical Interviews). In the image below you can see the 2020 results from students tutored by tutors currently on the Med Prep School tutoring team compared to Australia wide results. Learn more about our team by clicking here.


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